Solar panels >200 W on FWC Grandby


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I am interested in learning about >200 W solar panel installations on FWC Grandby campers. Does anyone have larger installs or anything >500 W even? I would like to know about the layout, any weight or cable issues, etc.


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I have two smaller renogy 100 watt panels on the roof of my 1983 Grandby.

I have room to fit one more 100 watt panel (while still leaving the other half of the roof open for surfboards), and I may do this in the near future.

Make sure you have gas shocks to help raise the roof as it will get pretty hard with 200+ watts on the roof.


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2 160w panels. I don’t see the weight being an issue. It’s roughly 50 lbs spread out over 2/3 of the roof.

If I had one over the cab area it might be different because of leverage lifting the front.

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I am in the process of replacing two 100 W panels on my FWC Keystone with a single 370 W residential size panel. Total weight is about the same, maybe even a couple pounds less.

I recently posted some dimensional and weight information for a representative list of larger wattage (<200 W) solar panels along with some FWC camper roof dimension info at the Wander the West forum at the following link (skip down to post #9 for the embedded spreadsheet):

I hope it is useful

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