solar laptop charging?


"The Bear Necessities"
is there a good way to charge a laptop with the sun? I use a solar joos for my headlight and iphone. Does someone make a quality product like the solar joos for charging a laptop?

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"The Bear Necessities"
ok, I need one of those! I will hold out for the sherpa 50 from goal zero!
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:sombrero: I have a couple 12vdc laptop chargers for use in my jeep (12vdc pwr plug) and my trailer 12vdc pwr plug/ while solar panel is hooked up--

They keep my "toughbooks" fully charged, when off-road

Try "Amazon" for auto 12vdc laptop charger-

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Goal Zero continues to struggle with quality control issues, so keep that in mind. I've had a few of their products fail, one of which melted in my pack and nuked my iPhone in the process.