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I'm a Darn Tough convert. I've tried all of the major brands over the years and the Darn Tough fit better and last much longer. I bough 2 pairs over 5 years ago and I finally wore a hole in them. I just sent them back for replacement and hope to get another 5 years. I know they are expensive but with the guarantee, my socks will last at least 10 years. Not much out there that lasts that long. I also have various smartwool, wigwam, kirkland socks that I wear but they aren't my favorite.


I only wear merino blend socks. I have tried many brands (not darn tough yet) and exclusively wear Farm to Feet brand socks. 100% made in NC, USA and have any weight and style you could want. They routinely have them on sale for $10-12 and come with a lifetime warranty! Try a pair and you won’t be disappointed.
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