SoCal Teardrop - Cal Deluxe w/Offroad frame - SOLD


I am selling my 2010 SoCal Cal Deluxe model teardrop (this is a little longer than the basic models). This has been upgraded to an off-road frame. Currently I have a "regular" hitch setup, but it can be easily taken off and an articulating hitch can be mounted for more serious off road travel. The interior has a queen sized mattress with a storage area at the bottom of the bed. The interior has shelving, roof fan, locking drawers, 2 12v plugs, a brand new Kenwood stereo (blue tooth capable and satellite radio ready), privacy curtains, and sliding windows in the doors. The rear galley has upper shelving, a reach through portal to the sleeping area, a large lower area for an ice chest or 12v refrigerator (there is a 12v plug), and a two burner stove and utensil drawer. There is an exterior plug for connecting to a generator, or RV electrical plug in, and I have a table which can be mounted to either side of the rear.

There is a locking tongue box on front. Just behind the box are two AT fuel/water can holders - one side can be removed and there is a flat plate where you can mount a generator (my 2000w Honda fits there nicely). The top has the mounts for a roof rack system.

The tires are a Toyo Open Country Extreme 285x75x17 mounted on a pro-comp 7069 rim. There are platforms on both sides of the wheel well that can be used to access the top of the unit. The lift is a leaf spring and pro-comp shock setup, and the hubs are Jeep 5-lug design. The trailer has electric brakes. My Tacoma has a 3" lift over stock and the tongue of the trailer and the hitch are about the same height.

A new base (road frame) model is $13,000.00, and, as currently set up with the off road frame and extra pieces, could run anywhere from $15,000 - $18,000. I am asking $9000 OBO. The teardrop is located in Northern Nevada. You can reply to me on the forum, or e-mail me at, if interested.

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To answer a few questions. It does have a battery installed that can run all the lighting, fan, stereo, and 12v refrig (if you have one), for quite some time. I used battery only for a week long trip (w regular ice chest), then off and on for 3 months and the meter still showed the battery to have a good charge. The interior has two lights, and the galley has two lights. They are regular bulbs, but you can get some LED ones that would draw even less power. The metal mounts are obviously included, however, the yakima racks in the photo do not come with the unit, but I do have some Thule stuff I would throw in.


Of course after I buy something else, something like this comes up. I could have gone on a road trip there... Oh well. GL with the sale... it looks like an amazing trailer.

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