SoCal driveline shops

Dave Kay

Hi all, have a K30 w/bent rear drive shaft that needs to be re-tubed, balanced and u-joints installed. Anyone know of a driveline shop who does an honest job for decent cost? Or better yet, the location of a used K30 D/S I could just buy? Wreaking yards are slim pickings so far because the vehicle is 1986 vintage.

Reason I'm posting is to hopefully get a shop reccomendation. Was not totally satisfied with the last driveline work I had done recently on my 2WD one-ton, so I'm kind of skeptical about just picking somebody out of the phone book for my offroad rig. I'm located in the high desert but would trip down the hill for quality workmanship.

Any help would be appreciated



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Inland Empire driveline. No idea on cost. I have been using San Diego Drivelines but they are closer to me then to you. :D


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X2 for Reel Drivelines.

Jim Reel has been building my driveshafts for about 30 years now. Never had a problem.