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Hi guys, I decided to sell my beloved 1999 Mitsubishi Montero. This is a well-maintained and equipped rig. Here are the details:

Maintenance history:
174K miles. 3.5L SOHC engine. Timing belt replaced at 146K miles along with spark plugs and wires, intake manifold gasket, intake plenum gasket, camshaft position sensor, crank position sensor, CV boots, radiator hose, camshaft sprockets.

I've got the car at 167K miles and since then I did the following maintenance:
- All the fluids (differential, transfer case – Amsoil, transmission flush – Mitsubishi dealer, brake fluid - Motul). Replaced all the filters (gas, oil, air – just replaced the air filter for the 2nd time yesterday –Mohave roads tend to require frequent air filter changes)
- Front axles (Napa)
- Cluster lights
- Fixed the sunroof
- Fixed the shifter (common issue on this car, the ball disintegrates)
- Rear and front brakes
- All the front end (Moog tier rods, ball joints, stabilizer links, Timken wheel bearings)
- Added original Aisin hubs
- Re-geared to 4.63 (well worth the money and effort)
- Upcoming next weekend: replace the valve seals. Everything else works great, this was the last update I wanted to do to this car.

- Rear locker plus Super Select transfer case (2WD, 4WD Hi/Auto, 4WD Hi w locked center diff and 4WD Lo w locked center diff)
- ARB OME lift (torsion bars, springs, shocks)
- Rhino Rack roof rack 84x56 with 3 supports (this is the largest of the series, you can easily add a RTT if you want)
- BFG KM2 33x10.5 tires
- Odyssey AGM battery Group 34
- Kenwood stereo and speakers
- Custom rock sliders
- Custom ARB front bumper
- TJM raised air intake (snorkel)
- Smittybilt 9500 winch with synthetic line, Factor 55 ProLink thimble and wireless remote
- High Intensity LED Auxiliary lights
- Escape Gear front seat covers. Heated seats
- DIY sleeping&storage platform. I removed the 3rd row seats to make room for the platform


Carfax report available – clean title. VIN: JA4MR51R5XJ003038
I'm located in Orange County

Link to the maintenance tread

Link to the sale listings by the previous 2 owners:


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Questions on sale of Montero

Beautiful Mitsubishi Montero, offered at a very reasonable price Extremely well equipped!, growing up in HB surfing the North side at Taco Bell and the Cliffs, I recognized the background right away.. have you considered posting on Second Daily or BAT as well. someone is going to get an AWESOME Rig! :coffee:


Thank you Rangeroversurfer for your kind appreciation. I posted it on CL and FB. I'm not familiar with Second daily and BAT. I bought this car here on Expo and I think it will find a home through the same site.


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As Rangeroversurfer said, a very nice price for a clean rig. BaT is I'm not familiar with Second Daily, but they seem to be somewhat similar to BaT, though I'd say less established.


Hi WyoTero, the sleeping platform is easy to remove. I don't have the 3rd row seats but if this is what it takes for you to buy the car I'll find another set for you. Thanks for your interest.


The valve seals are done, this Montero needs nothing, you could drive it tomorrow in an expedition.


Thanks, luckily I have a few guys interested in the full car. I think you can find gears from a 93-95 SR model or some of the Sports models

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