So you want to put King shocks on a Third Gen Montero...


OME shocks are just re-branded Monroe shocks. I believe that both Biltstein and OME shocks are valved predominantly with high-way driving in mind. It is not very often that folks will intentionally drive +35mph over corrugated terrain.

@SONICMASD has what most people have considered to be the "perfect" combo.

I believe a great middle of the road shock that will perform a lot better than the Bilsteins in this scenario would be KONI RAID90s.
I have no idea who makes OME shocks, but the fact they have several different part numbers based on spring rate, shows they valve them differently.

You can't slap on a shock made for a stock spring rate with a much heavier spring and expect it to work, simple physics.

If you had kings set up for stock springs and ran them with heavier springs they would behave the exact same.


I do wonder how a set of shocks with appropriate valving for the heavy springs would have compared. Bilsteins are valved for stock spring rates. From the video, you can see the heavy duty springs up front are blowing out the rebound on the shocks, which is what you'd expect.

If you don't want to spend a ton of money, I'm sure you'd see an improvement just moving to an ome shock that is valved for more rebound damping.

I'd love to see the same video vs an OME truck. Any takers! ?

I'm on the fence, it's a lot of money but does look sweet.
I had OME HD Coils with their Nitrocharger shocks on my 2003 Limited (you can see the Lawrence of Arabia build thread in the sticky) which was set up very similarly to my 2005 (same tires, yota wheels, arb bumper, 4.90s,etc.) and can say that the Lovells/Bilstein combo is definitely better. Not that OME was bad, definitely an improvement over stock. I almost never bottom out on this set up, even with the front of the truck bouncing all over in this video the Bilsteins never bottomed out until slamming on the brakes at the very end of the run. If you search the Victoria Pajero Forums, you'll find that at least 80% of the guys down there recommend the Lovells/Bilstein combo and many have run OME as well. While I think my front springs might be a little too oversprung still despite being near the top of the weight range they were designed for, I'm always impressed by how the Bilsteins soften the blow. We would have bottomed out sooooo many times if we tried that same track with my previous Gen3 on OME HD suspension.

Granted, I don't think either suspension is designed to drive that fast over terrain like this and we maybe should have just done the test on a regular dirt road with normal washboard. Corrugations on a dirt road are one thing, but this was a cinder field torn up by 4x4s crisscrossing in all directions creating big divots and speed bumps all over. Each bump is like 6" tall, then a 6" valley, not like a 1"-2" bump on a washboard road.

I actually have an extra set of brand new OME HD front coils that I might slap on Yoshi to see if the front comes down a little and softens up the ride but first I need to reach back out to Lovells with some questions and add the last pieces of weight to my front end to see what those changes do.

PS - Also, I think you guys are both right - I believe OME does valve their shocks differently from model to model for different spring the Monroe Australia factory.

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Old Man Emu has 2-3 different valved struts/shocks.

It seems that Old Man Emu bases its valving on the stock weight of the truck (Petrol/Diesel) and their (ARB) accessories.

For example the HD Coils and medium duty struts are recommend to be paired with their ARB bumper.

A very interesting combo to see would be KONI RAID90 struts and shocks paired with King Aus Coils.