So I drove an LR3 today....

So I sold my Disco 2 a number of years ago in order to buy my '98 Montero. The Disco had some pretty typical issues that caused distrust now that I have rugrats and wanted to ensure we got back from wherever we ventured. I loved it but wanted something that would allow me to focus on the trip rather than the tool.. After completing the essential baselining of the Monty, I've been more than happy with it but still had a bit of an itch for the LR3. I scratched it today with a test drive in a clean, well maintained 2007 with around 90k miles. Had to get it outta my system.. I've been putting it off as I was afraid I'd end up with one in the driveway and a divorce attorney on retainer... Fortunately neither are going to happen. It had the V8 but still felt really, really heavy up front (because it is!), minimal road feel and too refined if that makes sense. Getting back into the Monty, it felt much more limber and truck-like vs the (too) modern SUV for my liking. The acceleration in the LR3 was better but not drastically so. Brakes were good, amenities solid but it just lacked character in my mind vs the Monty. Felt a little generic. And heavy. Did I mention heavy? It is heavy. Anyhow, I do get the appeal and if it weren't for the Montero, I'd probably consider it but my Montero ain't going anywhere anytime soon. Just wanted to share. I always like to hear how we experience other SUVs vs our Montys.


My buddy is a huge Land Rover guy - @discoisntdead4x4 on IG. He has a Disco 2 and an LR3. Uses the D2 as his offroad rig and LR3 as the family hauler. They're pretty cool and like you guys, if Monteros didn't exist I might give them a shot but probably not, I'd be a Toyota guy most likely.


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I've been looking for "something else" to replace my Montero for a couple of months now and I agree, it's difficult to find something that checks all the same boxes.

At first I was convinced that a V8 4Runner would be just the ticket after reading the glowing owner reviews and constant comments about how powerful they were.

After driving 3 of them now (and a few GX470 Lexus versions), I find the V8 underwhelming and nowhere near what I was expecting.

The V6 Xterra felt more responsive, though to be fair, the Xterra V6 is rated with about the same power and is in a lighter vehicle.

So I abandoned that line of thought.

After looking about some more I finally drove something that DID give me the V8 response I was expecting, a WJ Grand Cherokee with the 4.7 HO.

Solid axles front and rear, large aftermarket, and a huge internet presence for issues and resolutions has me strongly considering one of these.

So now I have to discern between the known rock-solid reliability of my Montero and the known problematic electrical gremlins of the Grand Cherokee.

But the Grand Cherokee is the only thing so far that I would consider going to.


I'm getting awfully tempted by those new defenders, and the fact you can't even drive one yet tells you how rational that is....


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I think everyone should own one British vehicle in their life but there is absolutely no reason to ever buy a second.
Absolute fact! !
I had a 92 Range Rover classic...
Phenomenal,, Brilliant,, Wonderful drivetrain.
Never feared any terrain👍.
The reliability factor of the remaining components (electrical/ABS brakes/ did I mention electrical) were the deal breaker. Loved its style,
but never felt completely comfortable away from home. Sold it.
Good riddance ...