So. Cal.Offroad Fabricator Recommendations to Build Aluminum Flatbed for FWC Hawk


I had my aluminum flatbed built for our tacoma in Pa for about 3,500. For some reason it's not letting me upload a photo. But if you click the webpage in my signature you will be able to check out photos of it.


FMF, popped over onto your site, very nice rig. Martin Truck bodies builds a very nice, solid bed for an extremely reasonable price. I used to live near Altoona, PA. have seen many of the beds. Anyone needing a flat bed should consider them for the build.

con kso

Nice rig - a little bit of a run for me since I'm here in San Diego though. I just pulled the trigger on a flatbed to be built by Marc over at XPCamper - should be sweet with aluminum storage boxes below and above (in front of the camper - I have a longbed and will be putting a 6.5' long Hawk on it so I've got a nice space for a "garage"), pullout rear trundle drawer with flat surface to act as a table, 30 gallon water tank and ARB slide for 50qt fridge. Pretty excited about it.