so all or mud???

need a new set of tires for the 97 Land Cruiser before the trip

not sure how much if any mud we will see down in mexico

so for those of you who have off road in Mexico before what do u recomend??


I'm a fan of mud terrains, I'd run swampers if I thought it was practical. But I don't think it's practical for a road trip, I'm running AT's.

aka rover

Im running the BFG km2s on this trip, Just in case I come into some mud. plus up here I am more apt need a MT over a AT. The ATs are probably more practical but who really cares its your last set of tires you will own so slurge:Wow1:


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BFG A/T's!!

Two trips to Panama in my truck on the same set. 15,000 miles the first trip and nearly 10,000 on the second. Not a single flat!
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