Snow Peak IGT 3, w/ Side table, Baja Burner


It is with a heavy heart that I am posting up my Snow Peak IGT setup. I am changing my kitchen configuration, prices are based on google searches they are used but in excellent condition. I am located on the Kitsap Peninsula in Washington state.

IGT 3 Unit Table w/ standing legs,bag, bamboo insert cutting boards (DIY) $200
IGT Bamboo Extension w/ Sitting Legs AND Standing legs,and height adjuster- $200
Baja Burner w/ Bag - $120
Al Dente Cookset $75
Obviously I prefer local pickup.
I am willing to ship on owners dime, it will all pack relatively flat but heavy-ish with the exception of the baja burner it is not as flat.

PM for phone number.
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Does your bamboo extension table have 4 sitting and 4 standing legs to be free standing as well? or just 2 of each?
I have just the sitting legs on my current IGT, but I would love an extension table with 4 standing legs and the height adjusters