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More Windscreen shots

Seeing the photos of that windscreen makes me want one even MORE!!!
To anyone interested. I took some photos of the 3 Unit Windscreen yesterday, some shot with rulers. I will put a few here and if you want more PM me and I'll send you a Dropbox link to the rest.


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lost on the mainland
straps to hold the legs

I had my own for quite a while but he made em better mine were pretty rough :)

I need a new set that fits my adjustable legs I made so might be selling my straps he made :) like new :) hahahaha

YDR, what is everyone on about? What do you make? Pic? link?


Honu and briferg,

Thanks so much for the pics, details, and dimensions. I think this gives me a good start for the next steps of drawings. I'll just need to find the time.

Honu, I have the hanger slide in brackets for the corner and additional table section. I can envision what you mean about wanting to use the screen with the drop adjustable connectors for the table. I have one idea how they could be used but that idea doesn't allow for adjusting side to side where the table would go. Perhaps I can figure multiple set positions, they just wouldn't be infinitely adjustable.

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I love that guys work!!

When I was originally tinkering with the straps concept I took any idea of using ANY type of elastic materials and chucked it. It just doesn't hold up. I've used many different types over the years working on aviation survival equipment and over time the elasticity just wears out. I wanted to make something durable that would pretty much last forever; a piece if kit that someone could eventually pass down to their kids someday along with their camping equipment. I'm hoping that this holds true.

Recommended books for Overlanding


This is a very interesting thread, lots of great info.............I ordered some SP items and can't wait to receive them all and use them camping.

-Multi-purpose cook set, ordered from Portland arrived today.
-medium chop board knife set, ordered from Drifta Australia
-duo table ware set, ordered from Drifta Australia
-SP Hammer and tent stakes, ordered from Drifta Australia
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