Snow Peak Addiction


Stilwell, KS
Also bought a couple of things to go with the Snow Peak kitchen.

GSI, tea pot, large and small set. All fits snuggly together.

and the Engel.

I still have some room in the Pelican. Any suggestions on what I should get next? I was thinking another Baja stove?


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Dave Bennett

I too suffer from a Snow Peak fetish.

Looks like you need the L-shaped corner and table ;)

I buy all my Snow Peak directly from Overland Gourmet because they actually use what they sell so they know it better than anyone.
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Black Dog

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You've already got the coffee press so I think you're set. They need to make a ceramic thermos to go along with it.
Snow peak is like the Apple Computer of camping gear... Form and function.

I would get the milk frother for those who enjoy their coffee with milk.

I am surprised you did not get the Snow Peak cooking set?


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FWIW Snow Peak has added to their double wall vessel collection offering. I just received a pair of H450/TW-122 and a pair of nesting H200/TW-124 double wall ti handle-less cups for my cappuccino and espresso, respectively, affliction.

They work great!

Got Beer

I recognized the name but had not looked into Snow peak much until tonight. This post and another had me drooling all over their website and planning on a camp kitchen with more counter space than my home.

One question, what do you use the torch for? Special cooking techniques? What purpose does it add to the kitchen set up?


Our Iron Grill Table was delivered last week - we set it up and used it for the first time last night out on the balcony. What a lovely way to while away the evening.

The fit and finish is excellent, and everything goes together quite nicely. It's not as light weight as I thought it would be, but it is very strong. One complaint would definitely be the 'wind up' mechanism of the Double BBQ box - it's just plain terrible! It feels like such an afterthought. I had never used a charcoal bbq before so last night was an experiment. I feel I didn't use enough brickets to really get some heat going.

The Giga Torch is great though! Less than 60 seconds of flame on the charcoal just sitting in the BBQ box was all it needed to get lit. Extremely loud and intense but it gets the job done.

The Double BBQ box, Single Baja burner, and all of our charcoal fits nicely in a Pelican 1620. Everything else kichen related will fit in our 1550's (other than the frame/legs).

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Black Dog

Makin' Beer.
Another way that we start our charcoal for dutch oven cookoffs is with a little tuna can or other shallow metal container with a little bit of HEET burning in it. You could use any flammable liquid probably, but this is what we've always used. The little burning cup goes under under your charcoal starting chimney.