Snatch strap alternative?


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Looks like some of the kevlar helicopter load sling straps I've got. Lasted for years, heavy and stiff though. Those purpose made ones are probably a bit more flexible than the 40k straps I've got.


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In my opinion, a tow rope is not an alternative to a snatch strap, as there is a significant difference between a snatch strap and a tow rope and the two are not interchangeable.

If you try to do a snatch recovery with a tow rope then you will most likely do damage to one, or both of the vehicles. Snatch straps are designed to stretch, and it's the kinetic energy build up in that stretch that gives you the added energy for the recovery.
As detailed in the link you provided, these tow ropes have "low elongation", as you would expect.

If you just wanted to do a winch type recovery, or a direct pull out , then a tow rope would work fine.

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We have used this product - - in combination with winching. This is not standard recovery practice, our situation was our only anchor point ( a sand hill) would not hold. With a kentic rope attached to the winch line we could tension the rope with out destroying our only (and fragile) anchor point. With some practice we could inch our way forward as the rope retracted, if we only winched the sand hill did not survive.

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