Smooth leather desert boots - recommendations?


Meindl Safari Mid or Lowa Zephyr Desert Mid would be my first choice. I have a pretty strict "no tacticool" clothing rule I'd be willing to break for either one of these boots. Lowas are next on the list after I wear out my 5th pair of Meindl boots.


I would highly recommend Rocky boots. I have their composite toe boots for work and have been nothing but happy. I'm wearing a pair as I type this that I got last January. I wear them 7 days a week and love them; even wear them on weekend because they are the most comoftable shoes/boots I wear. When projects are going on at I work, I have them on for almost 90 hours a week. That's not a type-o...90 hours a week. I never feel uncomfortable, too hot, get blisters, etc. Worn Rocky boots when I flew to Chicago and Boston, drove home from Chiacgo 1800 miles in them, took my mototrcycle to San Diego, Las Vegas, and the Grand Canyon in them...they've also accomanied me in 10 plus camping trips and all off-road trips. They have an awesome grip, can be waterproof, and I have never had them get lose stitching or anything similar. I just threw out my first pair I owned a few mopnths ago...I had bought those in January of 2010. I only threw them out because I had worn the soles out from wearing them nearly everyday for 2 years. Only thing I did was replaced the laces because the outside "fluff" fell apart from tying and untying them so much. They really didn't even need to be replaced. The pair I'm wearing is only my second pair. I am buying a third pair soon because my company gives us $100/year for boots so I will just set them aside or use one pair for just work and the other for just personal use.

Sorry for such a long post; as you can see I am VERY satisfied with the company.

If you are curious as to what boot I have now, it is the Rocky Alpha force, shorter top version. I'll be buying the h-tops next.


I have both Clark's original desert boots and Lowa Zephyr GTX Mid Hiking Boots.

While I love my Clark's I would not necessarily recommend them for actual wilderness wear, their leather is thick, but easily gets marred, their ankle support is decent but not stellar, and if you're carrying a load like a backpack, you're going to want a "real" boot with better lacing. However, they are very nice around town, depends what you're doing. If you want to grab some for cheap, I grabbed mine for $80 at Nordstrom's Rack.

The Lowa Zephyr GTXs (which are a slightly beefed up version of the desert boot) have been nothing but excellent for me. I have backpacked the entire 50 mile West Coast Trail in the Pacific National Preserve on Vancouver Island of Canada in them- by far the wettest hike I've ever encountered, with rain every day, high humidity, ankle-deep mud, 200ft ladders and 5 days of gear on my back the entire time- the boots never once skipped a beat or leaked on one of the toughest hikes in the world.
Once my feet became accustomed to them- with SmartWool liners and Expedition socks- never a blister. I've taken them into 100+ heat in Utah without an issue, and are remarkably cool for their capability. They are all-day comfortable, incredibly well made (designed in Germany and handmade in Slovakia) and have thus proved indestructible. They are the most comfortable boot I've ever worn (and I have flat feet) so I rank them a 5 out of 5 stars. I extremely highly recommend them.

OR, if you reevaluate your needs- I also cannot say enough good things about my Vibram FiveFingers- minimalist footwear is another discussion entirely, but nothing compares to the comfort and versatility, plus the breeze through the cloth is rather nice on hot days. Check them out if you're feeling froggy. :sombrero:

Hope it helps :ylsmoke:
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I had a pair of these for a little over a year now, and I'm delighted. Looking through the reviews, I nearly didn't buy them for all the whining about the footbed (added a Spenco insole) weight, and the European style tongue. Other than needing to be broken in and a LITTLE discomfort around the ankles for the first several days, they were easy to break in.
I bought them for hiking, camp duty and Rokon riding, but I've ended up wearing them daily. Well worth the $ for me.

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