Smittybilt Scout Trailer Reviews?


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Great thread! Found and started reading this a couple days ago and I'm only up to Aug. '18 so still plenty of reading to do, but I was pretty much sold back in '17. :)

Posting to subscribe, but may as well ask a question...

Would much modification be required to bolt up wheels from a 2019 ram 1500? Would be the 18" from the rebel with 33" tires.

Thanks and thanks for all the info in this thread! Great reading so far for sure.


You would need an adapter to convert 5x5 to the bolt pattern the Ram 1500 uses. If its the same then nothing. I purchased my adapters for around $50 and had zero issues with them.


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Would much modification be required to bolt up wheels from a 2019 ram 1500?
I am running 5x5.5 Wheels (Ram 1500) on my Jeep and also on the Trailer to accommodate a single spare wheel & tire. I used simple adapter spacers. I had used them on rigs before with no issues if locktite and proper torque applied (Assuming quality spacers).


Well, we had our maiden voyage to Usal Beach in way up Nor Cal and the rig performed flawlessly! All my mods worked exceptionally well and it’s safe to say I wouldn’t have done anything different.

I do need to build a 2” drop tounge as the trailer is still to high even for my lifted Tundra with the hitch flipped over (I guess I need bigger tires 😎). The extra 12” or so of tongue length wouldn’t be a bad thing.



Great Pics Hollogon. We also had our maiden voyage (not counting the backyard) to Anza Borrego (So California). We didnt have many pics but we had a wonderful time and very happy with the trailer. My wife and my 7 year old twin daughters cant wait for our next trip. I have a lot of additional modifications in mind and motivated to get them done soon. So far this has been a great buy.
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Based on the Supports Depots recommendation I used the 40 lbs lifts. While that makes it possible for two people to lift, it isn't as smooth as Habitat's setup. May opt to change the awning side 50 lbs, or all 50 lbs. I removed two of the tie downs providing more room.

All the credit goes to bobebm.



We did some camping in the trailer last week and had one hiccup. I found that trailers don't like thick sticky mud. The trailer got so bogged down the tires stopped rotating and were just sliding in my tracks like a sled. We winched a couple hundred yards then the road made a turn and started up hill will fewer trees. Note, yes I said road, this was on a actual county road. We had to drop the trailer and then the Jeep did fine with out the anchor. 20190103_163036.jpgI took the wife and kids to a motel and went back to scout the area with a friend and extra Jeep. There was a gate at the corner where we dropped the trailer, so I found the land owner and asked if we could use his land. There was a creek cutting across the land so we couldn't go that way, but I did move the trailer into the pasture to make me feel a little better about leaving it over night. The next morning I called a towing company and they brought out a skid steer but were afraid of getting the skid steer stuck and turned down the recovery. A fellow overlander I found on facebook lived nearby and came to the rescue in his truck plus another jeep. I pulled the trailer around the pasture some to get the wheels rolling again. We all strapped together but his Tacoma was too low and was having a hard time keeping momentum so we unhooked him and let him make it to the top. The two Jeeps were then able to pull the trailer out. 20190104_110232.jpg
In the future I'm going to be more cautious of changing road surfaces and i now know the limitation of the trailer when it comes to sticky mud. Now I'm going to spend the next few weekends trying to get all of that black gumbo off the trailer and jeep.
This was after getting about $5 dollars in at the carwash before being run off. I did at least the the mud out of the Jeep and trailer wheels and most of the windows clear.20190104_132931.jpg
We went on to camp and still had a great time. It was an adventure the kids will never forget and one the wife will probably never let me forget either!