Smittybilt Scout Trailer Reviews?


I got a few things done this past weekend. I got my A/C mounted to the top of the trailer. Now I need to drill thru the floor of the tent and sew some ducting for the inside of the tent. I am also going to make a cover for at least the front of the ac unit to protect it while driving down the road.
I'm also getting closer to having my stove/griddle ready. I need to get some j-hook hold down bolts to hold it down and a flame tamer to prevent hot spots on the griddle.


That's awesome! I was looking at the same HVAC unit for mine.. just sends chills up my spine to think about cutting a hole in the bottom of the RTT. But that looks like the way to go, anxious to see the completed project and some results of field testing. (y)


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Tkhawk - I noticed on Climate Rite's website they sell a cover for the unit. I did not inquire about specifics. I'm planning to fab a cover.


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Tkhawk - That AC unit is giving me ideas... must resist spending more money...
It's less than $500 if you order through Home Depot. Complete. If you have a generator capable of 2,000 to 2,500 watts you will be fine. Going on mine for sure....


It's less than $500 if you order through Home Depot. Complete. If you have a generator capable of 2,000 to 2,500 watts you will be fine. Going on mine for sure....
I may get an inexpensive unit and build a carrying box for it. Use it for sites with RV hookup and possibly a swamp cooler setup for more remote areas.
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How did you connect the quick connect to the stove? I ordered the same/similar stove and then ordered a flare x NPT to connect to the QC, but the only female flare fittings I can find are inverted. Also did you make that wire rack on the stove or purchase it. Thanks!
Oh! I got those from Amazon. I forget the brand name. I'll see if I find the details. I do remember there are different sizes.


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Digging the stove set-up. I am building a "drifta" style pull out kitchen like Midnight Sun. I am planning to gut the 2 forward compartments and copy Drifta's DPOR kitchen. Thinking the simplicity, flexibility and potential heat output of that double burner set-up will work nicely for us. That Little Griddle looks great!

For Solar / Batery system I have started planning a Tesla Model S Lithium module (close to 500AH), Victron 150/45 MPPT charge Controller, Victron Battery Protect, 12/24V DC step-down transformer and a 2000W Inverter. I am thinking (2) 300W 24V Mono solar panels which I will mount on the Jeep roof rack (quick disconnects for site placement when necessary). I am sure there will be plenty of planning and tweaking for this and open to any input.

My goals (not sure if possible):
  • Have shore power connect to charge from Grid when available
  • Charge from Panels when traveling during the day / good weather
  • Charge from Vehicle Alternator when traveling in poor weather
  • Charge from Generator when remote / convenient and sunlight limited at camp
Hoping that this system will cover my needs for work (laptop, Cellular modem, cellular booster, 32" monitor) for extended periods and potentially an hour or two of A/C at night when the Generator is restricted or really inconvenient.
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Trailer cover....
Hey all! winter is almost upon us and i need to store my trailer with RTT attached outside. Need to order a cover for the snow and cold.
Anyone have suggestions?
This is what I did. harbor freight has them on sale most of the time. I added cinder blocks to make it a little taller, and put cement in the holes of the blocks and set anchors in them. There is enough room that I put a set of saw horses behind the scout and put my other RTT on them. I also made slings that hang from the top rails of the side walls and hang my kayaks there on each side. I've had it since the summer and so far I'm 100% happy with the set up. If you have the space, this is the way to go in my opinion. Keeps it all out of my garage while still being protected. On a side note, I've read in the reviews of this that folks up in snow country have had these for a couple of winters and they report that they're still holding up fine.

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FYI there is a company called anaconda that has a tent setup to put AC on the tent. It has a mount that is on the side of the tent base and the tent skin has a pass thru door on each side, one side has a sleeve that goes around the AC unit. 20160923_073841.jpg