Smaller propane tank source


Where can I get the smaller propane tanks like the ones in these pics?

small propane tank.jpgSmall Propane Tank1.jpgsmall propane tank2.jpg

I should have asked while at OX12 but it wasn't an issue for me then. Anyone know a good source? I could look on the webs but I'd rather deal with a company that others here have had good experiences with and/or companies that support overlanding in general and this website if possible. Paying a couple of extra bucks now and then is worth supporting good companies.

Thanks for any and all responses!


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I've been wanting a small propane tank for quite a while but the smaller ones always seem to cost much more than their larger counterparts.


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Those are nice small tanks.
I have had one for many years, and I use to use it for the camp stove until I switched to an 11 lb fiberglass one.


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Not sure.
First one I got in 2010 for the Camp Chef Denali, and the other one I got recently for the Camp Fire In A Can Propane Fire Ring.

They are heavy duty...
Nice knowing exactly how much fuel you have left.

Eric S.

What's the life span on the fiber tank and how often does it require a hydro test?
lite cylinder website states that its fiber tanks require Re-certification is every 5 years for the US. Also The DOT and Transport Canada rate the cylinders for a life of 15 Years.

Think I would like to try one out. Hope I can find one local so I don't have to pay shipping.


So it's the same as fresh air cylinders with a max 3 time hydro on fiber wrapped tank not bad I suppose 15 year life span.
Yeah I have been thinking about the little tank thing for a while. I hate having all these empty 1lb ers lying around. I am not sure what to do with them. Anyway, its not just that the tank is expensive, then you have to add all the hoses and fittings. For instance I have a small grill and a single burner that I always use. You could easily spend another $50 on that.