Small Toyota 4wd class-C RVs in Japan


My internet acquaintance in Japan has been sending me photos of these short, 4wd Class-C RVs built on diesel Hiluxes. They look like a nice, compact size and the amenities look well designed. It looks like they use the original, semi-float rear axle and singles. The 2.8D seems to be most common under the hood. I really like looking at the pictures. With the price in US $, I wonder if they have export sales in mind. I couldn't find any information about the coach builder (Galaxy, I presume), so I wonder if they're still being built. Maybe not.


THAT is my ultimate hunting/vacation rig.......its what dreams are made of.

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Dream it build it
Few of them in Vancouver BC for sure... 15 year import laws in Canada make the dream easier...

(I like the all glass no material sides but it tends to rain for weeks where I live.... and I always think "take-out window" for the Bears, Cougars, Wolves with cooking and sleeping in the tent sided truck)


Not to hijack the thread, because that little cruiser is pretty ************, but I can't find a bed mounted version if the tent/camper that is posted above on the website.


It looks like they are taking the box off the trailer and truck mounting it. I don't see a pass through on either truck.

Looking again, it does seem the Toyota is built into the bed of the hilux, but the Nissan appears to be the trailer box, look at how high the wheel arches are.

Found this old thread:

I like the class C's but need room for 4 in the cab, so that precludes any of the cool mini toyota motorhome
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