Small BBQ - Bang for buck


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Hey guys, I'm driving an E-350 looking for a smaller BBQ to tailgate with. I already have a smaller 2 burner stove, Coleman 2 Propane Stove(2000020943), it folds up briefcase size sub $100.

I think a (sub $200?) BBQ would be a useful addition this summer, there's a lot out there, I'm leaning towards:

1. Propane (already have the setup)
2. Portable/packable (although not compromising cookability)
3. Cleanability (smells - it will be used backcountry and kept inside the van)
$50 at Walmart. Seems to be working pretty good for us. I do wish it came with a bag, but wrapping it in a large contractor style garbage bag helps keep the smell down.


I have one of the smaller weber BBQ's that uses the coleman green propane tanks. I've been less than impressed with the cooking on it but Weber has been great about sending me replacement regulators but it still functions so-so.