Slow upgrades to an older FlipPac


After years of searching for one East of the Mississippi, I finally bought ClimberRob's FlipPac for my 91 Dodge full size regular cab long bed truck -- Thanks, Rob! I've started a build thread in the Full-size section but thought I'd add this for the Flippac-specific work.

Rob reported a good seal on his install, but I wanted a little more rubber in between the cap and bed, so I used this double-bulb from Ultra Cap Seal. You can see the difference in profiles in the second photo. It went on easily enough, even single-handed, and I think it's going to give a good and lasting seal.


In preparation for its first adventure this week, I made two small updates.

First is a replacement end for the support rod, or tension tube. West Marine part #s should be visible in the photos. I had to use a little bit of heat to get the old, brittle end out. WIll be changing the mounts on the roof of the Flippac to include a clevis pin and cotter ring so the rods can come off in the woods, before catching on a tree.


Second was to add screening to the tailgate/hatch area. I bought a screen set for patio doors on Amazon, that came with velcro attachment and magnets in the middle.

72x80 Magnetic Screen Door for French Door (no affiliate links or interest, I'm sure there are dozens out there just like this one.)

The velcro was the perfect width for laying down along the inner frame of the rear hatch, and then down the sides of the truck bed. This was good as it was, but it got better when I took the excess length of magnets down the middle of the screen and laid them in the groove between the bed and the tailgate. I'll do a little cut and tape to the excess screen, but this made for a very good fit that looks like it was made for the opening. (Editor's note, it's very hard to photograph a screen!)


Both these were inspired by setups I've seen here, and I'm thankful for this great resource. Hope this helps someone!