SLO's FWC Hawk Refurb/Build...

Hello, This thread made me want to join this site. Every google image search ultimately lead me here, what a great write-up! I just purchased an older Four Wheel Camper/Fleet very similar to this and plan on making some changes. I know that what I want can be done but this gives me much more confidence. I'm new to having a camper and this site in general is a treasure for a newbie like me.
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Hey everyone, its sure been a while since I logged on here. I am happy to say its because we have been using the heck out of the truck and camper. My Daughter is now 18 months old and she has been camping with us 12 times.

Sadly, I want to announce that it is time to sell. We are expecting #2 soon and will officially outgrow the rig. I wanted to post it here for sale first and will be following up with an add in the for sale section.

I am planning on selling the whole truck as a ready to go setup. Let me know if you are interested. Link to the for sale add.

I have purchased a slightly used hybrid trailer for the family. A new build thread will most likely start soon....

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Well dang....that's a mixed bag of emotion. This truck was a huge source of inspiration for many of the "upgrades" I've made to mine. I've followed this build closely, and even bought many pieces for mine because of your recommendations. It's good to see, and hear how much use you've gotten out of it. Im sure someone will love the crap out of it. Bummer to loose the thread though. BUT.....CONGRATULATIONS on the young ones!!!! Does my heart good to hear about them babies! I'm sure you'll teach them the many joys and love of the great out doors!!!!


Seabass, thanks for your kind words!

The truck is officially sold to a member on this forum. Maybe they will continue with the thread. Appreciate all the comments/questions over the years. It was a fun build. I will be starting a new thread for the family trailer soon.......