Sliders, or slider steps? (vote please)

Sliders, or slider steps?

  • Sliders give enough "step"

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  • Go with the slider steps and appease the Mrs.

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As the title suggests, I'm trying to figure out which way to go here. I posted this to MUD but generally really appreciate the rigs here. I do some fairly aggressive trail running here in CO so high-centering a rocker on a boulder is quite possible. I removed the factory running boards after denting both fairly significantly on a local trail. (They were ugly and hung down too low anyway.)

At any rate, in the next few months I expect to be talking to the guys at Slee and getting either a set of their sliders, or a set of their slider steps. I really like the clean look of the naked sides (with F/R flaps) but am concerned about rocker damage as the trail running season opens up again this spring. With protection in mind, I really want to do something for my rockers while they're intact.

My truck is my DD and preferred family vehicle. My wife complains that it's too hard to get in and out of the truck ever since I hauled the bent, rusty original 'boards to the landfill. I currently have the "stock height replacement" OME springs and 285s, and will probably add Slee's 1" spacers to finish out the ride height, rather than move to taller springs. (Still debating that.)

With that back story, is there consensus? For those running regular sliders, do they provide any sense of a "step" for the vertically challenged? (Wife is 5'2" on a good day. In shoes.) For those running slider steps, any regrets?

Thoughts, votes, and input appreciated.



Just get the Slee Stepsliders and enjoy the good times.

I would do anything to my truck to make sure the wife had a good time. Luckily, she is happy with my setup but the step into a vehicle is very important.
If she isn't happy even before she sets foot into the truck, you've got no chance my friend!

happy new year!


I 2nd, 3rd & 4th. The slee slider steps. One of the best mods on my 100. Very useful as steps and beyond rugged offroad.


After having both sliders that tucked up in close and step sliders, I would go steps. I like the look of no sliders, low pro, and then steps. I like the functionality of the steps especially scraping cold windows, hauling anything on the roof, and a happier girlfriend. You don't give up much clearance with the steps either.

The Rocky Mountain sliders I had gave me nothing for a step but a bruised knee the first time I tried to put a bike on top of the vehicle.

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I have had both. I had tight sliders on my 97 4runner and sliders that kick out to give me a step on my 80. The kick out has helped a lot with getting to my roof rack and RTT when needed, has done great to "bump" around large boulders in tight areas as well.


I was planning to get the Slee step-sliders but they didn't have them in stock when I drove past on my way home from picking up my LC. So I ended up with the Metaltech/OPOR sliders. I got dimple die plates in the rear and am very happy with them. These stick out enough to be used as a step by my kids (10 and 12) and wife.

Since you're in CO and close to Slee, I think their step-sliders are the very obvious choice!


When you get into the truck without using the slider as a step you hit the back of your leg on it. A step that sticks out further is more in the way. Not a big deal but Slee or anyone else's typical slider are plenty big to be used as a step (I'm a size 13). Sliders, steps or otherwise, sit higher than the stock running boards so they are helpful to load the wee ones but are rather awkward for me to use as a step, less loading the roof rack. My $0.02. I have slee's typical sliders, they do what they are supposed to and are very beefy. We lived in Denver when I got them, I must agree with Fireball that since you live in Denver, Slee and BIOR are your obvious choices. Happy New Year, and shopping!
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