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I've always wondered - are the acrylic panes replaceable in the Tern windows?

The glass VS Acrylic is a catch 22.... Price wise there is no huge difference. It's the overall weight that concerns us with smaller trucks. We may sell the kits without windows and let the customer decide. I personally like the almost flush appearance of the glass windows and also the higher end finish. The Arctic Tern windows on the other hand are well received in the market and have a very nice blind assembly. But they scratch.
In any case, it comes down to personal preference.

Please stay tuned.


Approved Vendor : Total Composites
We are in the final stages!

At this point we decided to produce 3 different size campers.
1. Jeep Gladiator (fits inside the tail gate). This camper is a bit more narrow to allow for maximum off-road clearances.
2. Dodge Ram 1500 short bed. Camper fits inside the tail gate.
3. Dodge Ram 1500 short bed. Camper reaches over the tail gate.

We based our decision on the popularity of both trucks. But don't worry others will follow shortly after!

For the next step, we need your help! Attached you will find drawings with dimensioning. We need you to cross check and make recommendations if needed! At the same time, you can use these drawings and see if the camper would also fit other brands and makes :)

Moving forward:
Within the next two weeks will have all the marketing materials and pricing available. Pre-orders will be accepted shortly after. First set of kits should be ready for shipping from our warehouse in Victoria BC by early November.

Side note:
These camper will not be available as a custom build. It will be an off the shelf kit including windows, door and skylight.



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Can the larger full-size kits be made as removable slide-in for flatbeds as well? Say 10 ft with 4 or 5 foot cabover? Could a 350/3500 handle the load or is a 450/4500 or 550/5500 needed?

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Looking forward to the final specks. Are you going offset the the door location? I ask because, as a very interested potenital future customer, I would/will build a cabinet on one side or the other inside at the back and if the door is plunked right in the middle of the rear of the camper, It makes an interior cabinet or exterior access through the back, pretty well impossible (that is for anything of a decent size). Also interested to hear about your decision on tiedown/bolt down methods and location. Excited to see the entire package revealed! Cheers.


Really interested on !
Could you provide the 3D file of the assembly according to each kit ?
It could be great, in order to facilitate the interior furniture design and equipment integration.


I clearly had a look at the pictures, but what I asked is about the CAD file of the complete structure (exactly the one used for rendering, for instance).