Sleeping System Suggestions

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I've been using a RV Superbag sheet/comforter system for the past 3+ yrs in both my Sportsmobile and EEXP. My girlfriend and I love it and it has worked pretty good. Love that it feels pretty much like a typical bed setup and that you can unzip both sides for ventilation. I've basically worn it out/put it in the dryer, which your not supposed to do. Need to get a new sleep system for the both of us to use in the FULL size bed in the EEXP. Any suggestions on systems that have worked for you?


Some sort of lost...
That looks like a great solution for something like a four wheel camper too!
Have you called or emailed them? Seems like the type of company that would do custom stuff to fit whatever size you wanted...?

Exploring Elements

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Just got a brand new RV Superbag! So stoked on how warm and comfortable it is. Its amazing how much extra cushion it has than my 5+ yr old one ;) Full review soon on Exploring Elements. Really solid system for a overland vehicle sleep system, especially for 2 people full timing it.
Found a Set on Ebay

My wife was able to find a like new set on Ebay. We are looking forward to being comfortable when our camper is ready for a test run in a couple of weeks.