Sleeping platform size for a GX470?


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Hey everyone. In the market for a new vehicle and thought this could be a good place to ask this. I was kind of set on a 4th gen 4Runner with a V8 but then realized certain GX470’s are actually cheaper where I live. Does anyone know the useable size for a sleeping platform in a 2005-2009 GX470? Is it about the same as a 4th gen 4Runner? I could find the max platform size dimensions for the 4Runner but can’t really find anything about the dimensions for the GX470. Just wondering which vehicle would be better for this sort of thing. I know the Gx has a taller ceiling, so that would be a plus but any other insight would be greatly appreciated!
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Here you go:

You’re right in that the GX seem to be priced better than the 4Runner in that vintage.


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Here you go:

You’re right in that the GX seem to be priced better than the 4Runner in that vintage.
Thanks for the response! That gives me some more insight but still unfortunately doesn’t give me the exact dimensions of usable area. I’m looking to have a raised storage platform/bed so I can keep the second row seats. Mine would also be above the wheel wells, so considerably wider than that. Space looks to be about the same though as the 4Runner, I can’t imagine it being smaller considering the overall vehicle dimensions are slightly wider. Thank you though. And ya it’s crazy how the gxs are cheaper than the 4runners.

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They are extremely similar and you should have 6'0 of space front to back, possibly more depending on how far up your front seats are.


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I have a sleeping platform in mine, pretty much 2m long. Depending on where the front seats are you could lose/add a bit
In my GX 460 my drawer box is 64" long with additional leg on the front that kicks up its, 75.5" long and 32" wide at the shoulders. Of course with this drawer/platform the second and third rows are removed. But it gives you and idea on space available.