Sleeping in a Frontier?


Anyone ever slept in the back part of the cab. I got a crewcab but it still seems kinda small and cramped but am thinking it might be possible. I'm only
5'9 so I might have to try it. Any input?


Same height here. I've slept a couple of night in the backseat. Usually, they've been after long and tired days. When you're exhausted, any place will do for ZZZZs.

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I'm 6'3". It sucks.

I've slept in the drivers seat, passenger seat, and in the back. The most comfortable I've been is in the passenger seat. The least comfortable was in the back bench.


I am 6' and there is no way I am going to get a good night sleep in the cab. I guess your bed is going to be full?


Yeah unfortunatly it will be full i'm thinkin a tent or the back of the cab. More I look at it i'm thinkin a tent


I don't have a Fronty, but I have slept in the backseat of my X. I'm only 5'8", but sleeping in the backseat kinda sucks. It is OK for a few hours (4-5), but if you're looking for a good nights sleep, I wouldn't recommend it.


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Try this on for size

Try this Ute Top option. Canopy on a flat bed. 6' wide by 6'8" long and put your full or queen matress inside.

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Don't do it! A few weeks ago i slept across the back bench during a SAR training mission in the boonies. I'm about 5'9" or 10" too, and my legs were at a 90-degree angle all night long, because I was too lazy to set up the tent i had with me in the bed or on the ground. I'm a side sleeper so I knew stretching out on a reclined seat would not work well for me either. I've learned my lesson.


Yea not sure how well the back seat, or any seat for that matter is going to work. If you are serious about sleeping well in your truck or the like, I'd recommend looking into a Roof Top Tent and mounting it over the bed as many have done. I feel they are worth the money and will be investing in one soon my self for either the FJ or the Frontier. There are lots of choices out there and lots of different prices ranges.

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