"Skinny" tires on a Full-Size?


Tires showed up but due to being rather close to wildfire evac area I haven’t had time to put them on .
so far super impressed the sidewalls are nice and thick with some extra “tread” on the sides and the tread pattern is nicer than the pictures made it seem . Hopefully get them mounted up sometime next week. D51CAFC1-D784-4ACB-9FD0-D52F076765C8.jpegB40AC57F-EA56-479F-9CB6-2476B1E04C5F.jpeg

Mr. Merk

Aired down the tires to 20psi and did Yankee Hill at St. Mary's Glacier last week. Truck did awesome. You never get a pic from the most intense section but that's how it goes. Little bit of flex for ya

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Is an F150 considered a full size in this discussion or do we mean 3/4-1 tons?
Definitely !! Full size is the 150/250/350 Series. 1500/2500/3500.
What clouds the issue are the 450/550 and up truck sizes which are super sized rigs.
They fall someplace in no mans land, not quite a 600 or 6500, but definitely no longer a pickup.. altho they are just as easy to drive and luxurious as a pickup, but nothing like the older medium trucks which were all pure commercial work trucks.

This is somewhat beyond full size....