Single wall metal coffee mug with spillproof lid


Why is this so hard to find?

I want a single wall mug, metal, steel preferred but will settle for aluminum or even titanium.

With a screw on or snap on spill proof lid with a drinking spout.

Sure, they make plenty with lids with an opening that you can't close. (GSI minimalist comes to mind)

One with a sealable lid that you cannot drink out of unless you remove it (Vargo bot).

A nice plastic one with a closeable snap on lid that you can't use on a fire (GSI backpacker mug).

I've seen a few really small ones, around 8 or 10oz, but that's not enough unless it's espresso or turkish coffee.

16oz is a nice even 2 cups. Fitting in a cupholder would be nice.


really doubt it even exists.

If you are putting a lid on it, you are not drinking it all in one sitting. So it must stay hot. That's why the double wall.

That said, my regular every day mug is a Contigo AutoSeal

100% leak proof, double wall, and doesnt cost a fortune.
They also warranty the lids for life. :)


Yea I have a few contigo bottles. I have come to prefer one handed bottles while driving or hiking.


The Yeti and imitators (I have a couple Yetis but like Walmart's Ozark Trail versions better for about a quarter of the price). I do like Yeti's magnet close lids and use those on our 20 oz double wall mugs. To me, a single wall metal cup is insanity. You burn your lip while the coffee's hot but it will only be a few minutes before the coffee is cold. I started with the old Sierra cup back in the 60's and in recent years tried a SnowPeak titanium mug.

I don't think the OP can find what he's looking for (and don't know why he would when there are so many better alternatives available.


Check out Corkcicle, I have the Classic Metallic Tumbler 16 oz.
Keeps drinks hot & cold for hrs and hrs, and they have a square side for positioning your drinking and driving without spilling.


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I was in Wal-Mart the other day picking up some clearanced priced ammo (gotta love $15 for a case of 250 00 buck) and they had some of their Ozark Trail cups with spill-proof lids- I think they were like $7. I've got two of their insulated cups that both fit in the cup-holders in my truck and work just as well as my buddy's $40 Yeti; you don't get to put a goofy sticker on your truck though. My brother uses a Hydroflask and is very happy with it Their growlers work well too although I noticed Ozark trail sells though now as well.


I want to be able to put it on a fire or stove, make coffee, pull it off, snap on a lid and a neoprene sleeve.


I had a couple different jetboils, I also have a solostove mug and a knockoff solostove. Also have a hydroflasks and single wall klean kanteens.

Been using the GSI backpacker mug, I love that if I drop it while driving it can knock around and not spill. I drink A LOT of coffee and sometimes it sits in there a while. And sometimes I like to reheat it.

The cool thing about the GSI mug though is I can pull it out of the sleeve and toss it in the microwave for a minute. Great at home, in the office, while visiting someones home.


Snow Peak makes single and double-wall stainless and titanium mugs, with press-in lids.

I have several of their double-wall mugs in titanium, in 450 and 300 ml sizes, with the lids, which just press in with a watertight seal. Works pretty good. I also have a 450 ml single-wall mug somewhere; don't know if the same 450 lid works with the single wall.

Roger on putting the single wall on the fire, but then you burn your lips trying to drink from it. SP also makes "hot lips" that slip over the rim of the cup to solve that. They work pretty good too, but then the single wall titanium REALLY cools your drink down quick. They are bombproof, though...

But for daily use, I stick with the double wall stuff, and save my lips.

EDIT: Just found my single wall 450; the 450 lid is billed as for the double wall cups. But it fit in my single wall very snugly; it ain't falling out for love or money. I'm sure you can find a koozie to fit it somewhere, since the handles fold back along the cup...

Was noticing the cup has about the same dimensions as a Mason pint jar, in which case this koozie might fit (it doesn't stretch much, though. I have one somewhere):

There's your solution.
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I drink A LOT of coffee and sometimes it sits in there a while.

I just read an article that says excessive coffee, approx 5 cups a day depending on weight, causes behavior mimicking psychotic break behavior,,., just sayin....



Look through the offerings from Klean Kanteen. I know they offer something called the Cafe Cap, but I don't know what it fits. I bought a 4-pack of their cups a few years ago and that's been pretty much all I drink from whether at home, at work, or on the trail.