Single Battery 12V only expo trailer build recommendations


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I thought I would post my electrical set up here since I got many of my ideas (especially dreadlock's comments) from this thread. Thank you all for your guidance. Like Hoologan, I have a Smittybilt Scout. Because of the weight of the battery I decided to locate the command center closer to the axle. I actually bought 2 Duracell batteries (6v 205Ah) from Sam's Club, but at the end, I returned them because I just couldn't fit them in the compartment along with the battery case. I went with the Trojan T 1275 and in reality my missions wouldn't need more than 150Ah. I went to a local golf cart distributor and learned they sold them used and refurbished, (significantly cheaper than new $40 vs $175). Since I would only be using the Scout 6 to 8 times a year, I thought it was worth the risk, even if it just lasted a couple of years. So far, so good. I did not spend much time or money on the alternator charging system. I kept it simple and didn't think it was worth the effort to upgrade the wiring on the jeep since a vast majority of the charging will either been done at home through the shore plug before leaving and solar while camping. Our mission will be primarily driving to a location, set up base camp and do daily outings without the trailer. The interior lights are motion sensor. The plugs are for solar and shore charging. The 12v plug was for the fridge. I eventually will add a water pump system. I am also thinking of adding the Victron BMV-712 Battery Monitor. We have been out a couple of times and all is working great. The big test will be the week long trip to Big Sur in April. I hope the information helps.

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@bobem , how was your Big Sur trip and how did your system work out?
I'm getting ready to wire up a trailer and I think I'll follow your design (with a few changes). Anything different you would do?



Because of weather we ended up going to Death Valley instead. I would strongly recommend a visit (but not in the summer), it was beautiful. All worked well and very happy with the electrical. The only possible addition would be to add the Victron 712 Battery Monitor. I am not sure it is worth 200 dollars, but it would be cool to keep track of ins and outs of the electrical system. Good luck and post pictures when you are done!