Simple shelf for Willys jeeps


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Howdy folks, just thought I would share my shelf project here after I found it to be very effective for camping. I started out with some 1/2 birch plywood that I purchased at the lumber yard. I picked the birch because it was lighter and better finished then everything else available. You could really use anything here that you like or have on hand.

Here is what I started out with. The 'bed' of a universal jeep is roughly 3x3. Or the size of 9 standard milk cans if you are looking to break into the delivery business.

Cut out some pieces to fit between the rollbar and as supports along the sides. The top is narrow to fit past a wrangler roll bar. If you don't have a rollbar you could cut the top full body width.



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I added these scrap 2x2s to the top to screw my sides to. There are more elegant solutions to this, I just needed to get this deal finished and use up what was around.

Here is what I intended to pack under the shelf. Basic rubbermaid bins for clothes and a few tools. A large milk crate also fits.

As for the top, I drilled some holes for tying down a cooler and an action packer bin for camping stuff



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Used some scrap webbing for part of my tie down and some parachute cord for threading through the holes in the cooler.

In hindsight we'll make some straps with buckles for next time. Undoing everything became a bit tiresome after a little while.

Here is the full deal packed up for a weeks worth of camping. Clothes, tools, dry food, boots, dirty laundry etc under the shelf. Cooler, camping stuff like the tent and sleeping bags and the stove and whatever else in the green bin. Camera cases and other photo junk was stuffed in wherever there was a gap left.

For bang for the buck this project was off the charts. It made it so simple to get out clothing, snacks, cameras and whatever else with out unpacking the whole car. Highly recommended to anyone that doesn't want a total "storage system" hogging up the back of their jeeps at all times!


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That thing is cool. More pics please
Sure, here are a couple more from the trip to Washington we needed the shelf for.

I really need to take the time to add more photos to photobucket for uploading here. If you like, I post an unhealthy amount of jeep pics on instagram. jesse.barta is the account for that.

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