Simple Aluminum Trailer build with RTT


I have been busy so just now getting around to posting pics. Not a crazy build like some, but was built for off the grid stays with plenty of room to pack everything. Not a lot of pics or details since my I lost most pics when I broke my phone. Just message or post if you have questions. I will attempt to locate more pics of the build.

We took it out for the first time over the weekend to Jasper Jeep Fest in Jasper, Georgia. Trailer pulled like a dream with the Timbren Suspension. The trailer has doors 360 degrees. Trailer tent lifted great into the air just as designed and solar charged everything up nice to run the fans in the tent and charge phones and such. Was a hot weekend and now my wife is rethinking tent camping. Shes now talking about doing something that has air conditioning, lol. Might be up for sale soon if wife gets her way. Sure there is plenty I am forgetting. Enjoy.

Welding - Tig
Frame - 2x3 steel (14ga) (72" wide x 96" long)
Aluminum body - 1.25 inch aluminum framing (1/8" wall). Siding is 16 ga aluminum (40" tall x 96" long)
Tent rack - 1.25" aluminum (1/8" wall)
Lift system - (4) 225 lb electric actuators (Can lift to a total of 8 feet off the ground if needed)
Suspension - Timbren 2200 lb axles (4" lift version)
Hubs - JK configuration (10" brake hubs - no brakes at this time)
16 gallon water tank
- 100 watt solar panel, 30ah battery, fused panel, main power disconnect, switch panel for accessories
Hitch - Pintel style front. Rear - 2" receiver
Tent - Smittybilt XL version (larger than a king size bed)
Annex - Tepui Ruggedized (Smittybilt released their version a week after I purchased the Tepui)
Wheels and tires - Cooper Discovery 32"
Primer - Summit Racing 2 part Etching primer
Paint - Summit Racing 2 part OD Green paint

Primered 2x3" Frame

Frame with Suspension

Shot of the tongue area and the safety chain loop

Tubes for Jack Stands (4 total. One on each corner of frame)

More Frame pics

Body frame pics

Water tank mounted just in front of the wheels

Electrical Panel


Do you plan to get annex?
I currently use a ruggedized one from Tepui. I purchased it and 3 days later Smittybilt came out with one. Always my luck. The tepui one is a great product and really heavy duty, but would its gray and would much rather have the matching smittybilt one.

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How did you attach the aluminum skelton to the steel frame? Any worries about electrolytic corrosion from dissimilar metals?
I used nylon washers for the bolts which go through the aluminum skeleton and attach into threaded nutserts in the frame and nylon strips to keep the skeleton from touching the frame. The frame is also etched primered and painted, so hopefully that will help as well. Nothing is ever 100%, but shouldn't have an issue for years.


Where did you get the electric panel? I am looking for one with the up/down switch for my linear actuators too!!


I bought the switches here
The panel is just some cheap aluminum panel with switches from Amazon. I purchased new switch covers for them (above link) and just replaced the up/down with a DPDT switch from the above link with new cover.
Hope this helps.



Found a couple more pics. Still trying to locate more from the build.

Wiring at rear tail light. All wiring is sleeved in protective covering and all connectors are soldered.

Some more of the framing and water tank

Pics of exterior and kitchen area. Still have to build the the chuck box in the kitchen area. You can also see the solar panel mounted on the roof of the packed tent for charging while traveling. It clips onto the tent via straps on the tent rack. Just
un-clip it and set it on the ground for charging.