Simon’s Iveco Daily 40.10 4x4


Hi guys ! After a very long research, after 2 years, I found the right vehicle for an expedition camper, this is my 1990 Iveco Daily 40.10 4x4, now it need some small works to make it ready for new adventures.

Some pics of the interior

@nuclear_jk you asked me for some photos of the interior :)

See you soon with some news ! The first work it will be installation of heating sistem and new interior LED lights :)

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Engineer In Residence
That is way cool. If only we could get those here.
You technically can import one now, as 1991 and older are 25 years old. Import would be around $5-7kUSD plus the cost of the vehicle. It could be a lot less if you live on the east coast and can handle most of the legwork yourself.

That's a very nice piece of kit though.


You technically can import one now, as 1991 and older are 25 years old. Import would be around $5-7kUSD plus the cost of the vehicle.
I'm lusting after a 4th generation so I'd have to wait a long time. I didn't know how long they'd been around until I saw this thread.


Some news this week! Last Sunday I pulled the diesel tank down to install the outlet for Webasto heater and...surprise ! There was a lot of rust, so I decided to give a new hand of paint after removed the rust

The final color is black but I haven’t a I’m ready to install the diesel heater
Yesterday I installed a new ceiling light in the bathroom, obviously LED

And finally......bye bye ugly hood

Tomorrow it will be white !

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Good call. That looks like the Arab version of our American 70's van airbrush motifs, which were usually a unicorn and a scantily clad maiden swinging a big sword around......or something like that.


Hot news this weekend! Today I finished to mount Webasto heater in the van, now we are ready for the winter !
Hot air distribution

Ready for the install, with a termal insulator for the floor

And....installed !

Exhaust system

Meanwhile, while I installed the control panel I found a little “disaster”, electrical system was very bad, so i decided to do order, now is not perfect but it’s better



And finally, control panel is installed

That’s all for this weekend !

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Hi guys ! I have some news about my van, today I installed new lights, one over the kitchen and one over the wardrobe, after I finished the base of the wardrobe, where last Sunday I installed the heater
Light over the kitchen

Light over the wardrobe

And the base of the wardrobe

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