Simlple Wedge Camper 12V Setup


Hey all, looking for a sanity check on my plan for getting power in my wedge camper, really trying to keep things simple here and not go overkill.

I had originally looked at prebuilt solutions, but am now leaning more towards a partial DIY setup. For prebuilts I was looking into the EcoRiver Pro and the Bluetti EB70. The EcoRiver I think was leading in the prebuilts, but it's a real bummer the system isn't LiFePO4. The Bluetti is LiFePO4 but it seems the fans are pretty loud and the screen is close to useless.

I'm not looking to run any AC loads, so I've been thinking about just going with a super simple 12V battery setup instead. I plan to power a 12V fridge and the camper power panel which has USB ports as well as the interior lights running from it. Eventually the system might get a heater or something else random for the loads, but that's all that is planned for now.

IMG_2506 2.jpg

So for keeping it simple, my thoughts are basically a 12V 100AH LiFePO4 battery with a Bluetooth BMS powering the system. I'd like to keep all the connectors standard on Power Poles, so I'm thinking just VHB tape a fused Power Pole distribution block to the battery case and connect all the loads there. The camper is already on Power Pole connectors so I'll make a quick cable there but whatever fridge will need to likely be converted from the ciggarette lighter style plug but that should be fairly straight forward. Then from the battery simple ring terminals to a Power Pole connector into the block.

With the fridge and the camper loads I think 100AH should be plenty to get me through a normal weekend maybe even into a three day weekend, so I'm thinking use the system without a direct charger on the go for a while and then try to decide if I want to add solar or DC to DC charging. Until I get some charging on the go, my thought is a simple AC 5A battery charger, leaving the ring terminals connected proving quick plugin at home for charging.

Anything I'm missing here or overlooking?


Albeit expensive, Nothing wrong with your plan.
Your stated purposes, 100Ah lithium should easily last a long weekend. (Mind you, thats assuming a typical compressor ‘fridge)
In terms of price I'm not finding a ton out there much cheaper unless I go full DIY on the battery or buy a bottom of the barrel battery (no low temp cutoff, etc). Straight from Rebel the price is a bit cheaper at $590. SOK which is well regarded is $560 and no bluetooth. Looking at Alibaba I could do the cells for around $200, BMS for around $50, then shipping and miscellaneous pieces like the box and all. Considering going DIY on the pack still but would otherwise be the same.

I've considered dropping down 50Ah, but not sure that would really be quite enough power plus it doesn't seem to save much in the end.

One observation of that fuse/loadcenter.
It has a fused input. But be aware that fuse does little for protecting the conductors from the battery to loadcenter.
Your plan of attaching the loadcenter directly to battery case ok, but if you change your mind to put the battery remotely from the loadcenter a dditional fuse directly adjacent to the battery is strongly advised.
Noted, I figure in this use case for the maybe 1' the leads will be to the load center it shouldn't be too much of a risk/issue. But yeah if I do move the load center in the future I'll fuse it off proper.


100AH will be more than fine for what you're describing. I recently built my own DIY 100AH lifep04 battery. I tested it with the fridge running in my truck, all doors and windows closed, 80-90 degrees daytime temps and the fridge empty (air is much harder to keep cold than food). It ran for 5 days before the fridge cut out and I think I have my ARB fridge in the middle setting, I forgot what voltage that is but there was still some power left in the battery.