Sika 715 users??


I'm seriously irritated right now. I used two whole tubes of Sika 715 to seal two Fantastic fans and a couple seams on the new roof of my Alaskan rebuild. It's been at least 48 hours and possibly 72 since I applied it and it's still sticky to touch. It holds its shape and if you push your finger in it, it will leave a finger print that self heals(goes away after a few seconds)
I'm sure it's water tight, but will get covered in dirt and other crap.
My shop is airconditioned, so the humidity is low(Sika cures from moisture in the air) but I squirted a mist on one seam and it didn't help 24hrs later.

I know if you tool it with alcohol it will never cure. I had used alcohol to clean the sheetmetal, but was very careful to let it dry, and even wiped any potential residue off with a rag. I had put a big gob of the Sika on a spare piece of sheetmetal that wasn't cleaned at all, and that Sika is also sticky like the rest, so I have a hard time believing it is related to my prep.

Anyone ever have this happen? It's going to be a real pita to get off.

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Give it time, it can a week to fully cure.

Make an oversize cover to keep dust off if needed, but make sure it can breath.


Thanks for the reply!, you have seen it do this? I'll give it a few more days. It would be really nice if it cured, my roof can't be walked on so removal of the sika would be very difficult

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nick disjunkt

Maybe I'm confused, but Sika 715 is a construction product sold as part of a system of products to bridge expansion gaps in concrete/asphalt structures.

Sika 221 is the one generally used for sealing components to vehicle bodies.


Disregard.. I'm peeling it all off. I'm pretty OCD and will obsess over whether it's a good seal. I looked at some of the areas I caulked, some of the 715 is grey and watery, now that I think of it, one of the tubes I had ordered puked out the bottom of the tube the box, I had placed a huge order and didn't really look at everything until I needed it. I wonder if the 715 baked on a UPS truck in AZ enroute to me and they got ruined.
I was able to peel/rub one of the short section(6"x2") right off with just my bare fingers. The vent fans will be a challenge, the fans are right on a S-lock seam in the roof(the 715 will be all down in the ridges and bumps of the seam.
Oh well, Poo happens, always when you are short of time:)

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Did you know that Sika 715 is ALWAYS FATAL when it comes in contact with human skin? You still there? Hello? Hello???

(Just kidding!)


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3M 4200 or Life caulk. Plastic is a problem for adhesion. Google "Marine Sealants" for more info.

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