Sierra Challange 2015 Aug 31st - Sept 9th


Hey guys,
Sorry for the late reply.
The earliest i can meet up with you guys was wednesday night however since you guys will still be at the con by them i will just meet up on thursday night for Fordyce. I have to come back home monday labor day.
Im still working some details on the truck but should be good to go.


Hey guys it's getting close! The shop said Montenegro will be done by next week...seems cutting it close for comfort but I don't wanna back out now!

Anyways could we post a pic of the rig that's going? I know u AZ guys know each other, but I think this is a good way to know each other from our trucks.

Here goes my pic of "Montenegro" !

2006 Mitsubishi Montero
Did not get my rig back today which is a bummer, since is the last weekend. Sounded like they were almost done though. SO hopefully Monday I can start a mad scramble on last minute details. Since I am out of town Weds-Sat.


Looking for that thing i just had in my hand...
Looks KILLER dude! You need to make me a Gen 3 believer this trip.
Holy crap, someone tried to steel my air compressor at the shop! Got to fix that now too....Cant a guy catch a break? At least they were unsuccessful, but they unbolted it and messed some things up.


I always forget how clean Lloyds truck is. My green truck looks even cleaner in that pic and that's only 2 years old. Bummer. Need a fresh coat of spray paint on that thing. That'll get it.
I might paint mine some time, the hood looks like it had an engine fire its getting so bad. Sooooo, NO Body damage or scratches! :rally_guys: Got all my compressor issues sorted out, just need to get some bolts for the ones the thief tossed.
Wow, worked all morning on preliminary prep and wrenching. Forgot how much work a vacation can be. Anyhow I bought a portable CB in a pinch to get by, we will see how it does. What CB channel do we want to use?