Side awnings, Dometic or Fiamma or....? Power or manual?


We're planning on installing a 10' or 12' siding awning on our Adventurer truck camper. Looking for input from those that have them or are also planning on installing a side awning. We have a power Carefree awning on the rear and like it. Carefree makes a wireless remote kit and I plan on getting one, so we can deploy it from the truck cab or camper in crappy weather. The kit also includes a wind sensor that will retract the awning if left unattended. Dometic has a similar offering. Fiamma may as well.


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I have a Dometic on the side of my NL. It’s handy. Try to mount it as low as you can though. Mine was factory mounted up near the roof, and it doesn’t make as much shade as I would like. If I didn’t have it already mounted, I’d try to do it lower.


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We have had a Fiamma on our Pastime since 2006. The first time we used it, it blew over the camper bending the support arms. Got it fixed and quite frankly we haven't used it much since (13 years and 175,000 miles on the rig now). We travel a fair amount and have found a good tarp and some creativity serve us much better than the awning can. I would never outfit a rig with another.

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