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Does anyone have any suggestions for a shower floor? Our new shower tent is 40x40 and I’d like to find something around 36x36 to go in it. But I’ve not had much looking. I wanted to order one of those cool roll up teak mats from expedition ops but it looks like that company went out of business.

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Father, Husband, Outdoorsman, & Adventurer.


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Ive used the C Gear personal mat. It impressed me with how well it worked. No mud came up and all the water passed through. Dried off really quick.

I also have a bigger one for under the awning to hang out on for camping. I was shocked to see how well it held up for camping on gravel for 4 days. Shows no sign of damage what’s so ever.
Highly recommend it.


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I got one of these

But seems out of stock a lot...


Another option could be a couple of sections of FarmTek flooring mat, cut to size and linked/hinged to unfold like a book. Not the most compact system, but probably quite functional.

A number of folks have used this material as flooring on a roof rack -- maybe it could do double-duty.
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Thanks for posting !
I've been searching for aa previous post mentiong these with no success.


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long used an old school suction cup rubber bath mat. Which conveniently was a similar size to a 5gal solar shower. So I could roll up the solar shower bag then roll that up in the mat to protect the shower bag.

nowadays an 'anti fatigue' mat from harbor freight - (4) 2'x2' interlocking foam pieces - works great and they are very durable and dont absorb anything.

but they aren't 'overland'-sechsy

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I used a free sample piece of artificial turf/grass from Home Depot..Works like a champ! Also use it outside the door to the teardrop ...make putting on shoes , etc much nicer...

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