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age and diminishing physical abilities convinced me to stepping down to a lighter weight machine

a '99 DR-350

great little skoot last of the air cooled Suzies w/ amazing long travel "works" suspension and enough bottom end grunt to pack my Larduss Bottomuss Maximuss around on shorter/less strenuous adventures

for over-nighters she was fitted out w/ a dry duffle on the tail rack a Giant Loop seat bag a Giant Loop tank bag and an FAK on the handlebar rack


adventures eminated from a more simple( the bridal unit no longer going along ) base camp in the cargo trailer

DR in trlr.jpeg

day tripping in Big Bend

DR @ Big Bend.jpeg

Santa Elena Canyon TrailHead

DR @ St Elena Canyon.jpeg

Terlingua Ghost Town

DR @ Terlingua.jpeg

some serious beachin' w/ friends

bob's, robert's & mine.jpeg

and some fine mountain roading in NW Arkansas

hwy 23 turner bend store.jpeg

partaking of the exquisite cuisine prepared daily ( fresh pie and ice cream ) in the area



part of the reality of ageing

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First (test) ride of the DR after a little winter freshening up, fitting a Wheat wacker modded KLR fairing to it, and a complete rebuild of the front forks, with Cogent straight rate springs and DDC's. They are definitely everything they're cracked up to be!

Ready for this Kodiak winterish weather to move on out! It's super frustrating; temps not low enough to preclude riding...except it generates black ice at phenomenal rate.

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I just picked up a 2007 Kawasaki klx 250 w/351 big bore kit (and lots of farkles)
I’ve just been riding it around town so far but it’s a blast!
It’s a great companion to my r1200 GSA and I can haul it easily in my truck bed.
I’m going to modify my RTT trailer with a tongue extension to include a mount for the klx sort of like a bumper mount Moto hauler, can’t seem to load a pic but here’s a link

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Last year on our first motocamp trip.
Up near Slate Peak. Went to Conconully,Blackhawk BC, Slate peak. 14 xr650l trail farkled, hers 17 versys 300xIMG_20190703_190452680.jpgIMG_20180816_115454370_HDR.jpgIMG_20180816_075902524_HDR.jpg
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