Show your Thumper!!


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I picked up a couple more bikes over the past few weeks. 1969 CT90 and a 1976 MT125 Elsinore. The 90 runs well and is waiting on title paperwork. The 125 runs and has a title, but the tank needs work and it needs a throttle cable. I got it running with a little fuel/oil in a bottle and a new battery.



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My 98 CR250 trail bike. Would like to eventually get a headlight kit and set it up with a larger tank for those longer rides. Not really an overlander like some of the sweet bikes in this thread but it works. More of a throw it in the truck bed and drive to basecamp type of bike lol. It always manages to put a smile on my face. That's all that matters, right?

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How about an aging (like it's owner) F650 Dakar that's got a few stories to tell

My aging F650 Dakar (and a café racer Russian style)!!