Show your Thumper!!


My old one, Just sold it 2 months ago:

and my new one (picked it up about 3 months ago:

Still getting familiar with the 650, but I'm really liking it thus far. Took it on a 1600 mile road trip with a buddy of mine 2 weeks ago. Was all pavement, but was a great way to get very familiar with the bike. Done some work to it to make it more touring friendly, seat is next, and then hope to do some suspension work this winter. After riding it for a year or so, I plan to re-evaluate and see if a smaller more off-road friendly bike is in my future as well.


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Nominally a 1996 XR600R, but redone down to the frame in 2002, with a lot of engine work to make it wicked fast. Had Pirelli Dragons on until recently, when it I switched to MT-60s to get a little bit of dirt capability back. (Got the idea from seeing them on the Husky Concept Moab, which has 17 inch wheels.)


Honda XR build sheet small.jpg
It's a sweet old school ride.


The old KTM 505 has since been parted out, and I am back on a 2-Smoke...

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You are probably a little too advanced for me just yet. I used to race 125s back in the early 80's and had enduro bikes off and on, but all back in Pennsylvnia. Riding out here is much different and I may go too slow for some folks. I realized the other day that I had never ridden a motorcycle on a washboard road before. We don't have washboard roads back home.

Here's mine...
'09 CRF450x...still working on the street legal part
Dave lets ride!


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What? Another chance to post another picture of my bike? Okay!

Here's #2 KLR quite a few years ago.

The current thumper -

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DRZ400E in Titus Canyon, Death Valley, CA

My buddy dropped his DR650 earlier in the trip and his exhaust bracket had broken off. He was basically running a straight pipe from the header tube and needless to say his massive deceleration popping and excessively loud exhaust bugged a few hikers while in the tight sections of the canyon. Oh well, he went slow and apologized.