Show us your Toyota 4runner, tacoma or truck.


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Something looks off with your far right light..?
Yea I rubbed up against some thick brush and it got bent. Knocked off the cover. Back tracked and found the cover on the ground. I had actually ran it over but some bending of the plastic and it fit right back on.


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DAM YOU!!!! Why aren't we in the NW getting any of that... I'm so pissed that the NE is getting hammered and were just sitting here bone dry. Sorry, clearly it's not YOUR fault,just bummed were not gettingn to play too. SWEET picture, that looks like a fun rig sitting in some FUN snow. Like I said I wish we were getting some of that to play in too Harumph... Hard to tell wityh all the snow, but is that a 3rd Gen on 35's ??? It sure looks killer, great stance on those tires etc. Nice truck mate.

Awesome trucks and very cool pics. I really like the first one of the Runner espescialy (not a huge FJ fan personaly but it looks like a nicely built truck)


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