Show us your Toyota 4runner, tacoma or truck.


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02 Tacoma I've slowly been building up over the past 6 years, was originally a logging company's neglected service truck that sat around for 2yrs before i got it.

But it had the new frame installed from Toyota a year before it was laid up due to the clutch giving out in it.

Alot of money, catching up on maintenance, and driving the snot out of it I've put nearly 210,000km on it since Purchasing it.

Bilstein 5100's all around
Eibach 3" lift coils
Daystar Rear lift shackles
ARB front bumper
Roo-lite adjustable 9" lights
JBA upper arms
Poly bushings all around
Ebay hilux snorkel
Leer topper I got for $50
Firestone MT2's in pizza cutter flavor.
And swapped the front end to the 95-97 style due to getting tired of the plastic headlights hazing over.

I live in Nova Scotia, but do hope to some day do the Dalton highway in this truck, but so far I've just been exploring the beautiful Canadian Maritimes.



Did simple drawer in the 4Runner, the driver's side space is sized for my cooler.
I added a pull out table which is supported by the drawer if I need it to be.
I'm going to run it for a while and if I don't need to make any changes I will paint it this spring.
It's mounted with turnbuckles.
Sorry for the links instead of pics , but the files are too large for this site.
I guess my new iPhone has a fancier camera than my old one!


Just mounted my lower 130 watt solar panel by OVERLANDSOLAR under the 105 watt panel by SUNFLARE yesterday. The panel was in the garage for a year. Both panels are on slides and can be moved individually when needed for camping or just topping off the batteries.

This was when I connected the inner slide to the existing slide for the bottom panel. This installation happened in June 21. Damn it took me that long!

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New here. Got a 21 SR in /july. It's got to serve dual purpose daily driver and fun truck. Only thing I've really done is add bed lights, fog lights, A-pillar spot lights and a Softopper. AT tires really don't count. Future plans are:
Decked system (potentially)
Upgrade suspension (maybe lift, just like 2in)
lightbar behind the grille
go to slightly bigger tires than the 245/75/16 I'm running