Show us your Toyota 4runner, tacoma or truck.

Long-time reader of Ex-Po just getting back into this after a few years. Until recently, I haven't had a project vehicle for a while but have appreciated all the ideas and tech here. It's been a great site for daydreaming and brainstorming.
My wife and I love seeing fellow Alaskans on the site. Looks like the T had a wheel fall off or a lower ball joint failure. That Picture of the Rav looks like its just off the Parks Hwy just a bit north of Denali Park and Kudo's on the New Tundra. I've always wanted one of the single cab 5.7. Less Weight, more power. We're in Fairbanks. Cheers!


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Good guesses! The T got ravaged fairly well---sideswiped by a minivan that was trying to pass on a curve, which tore a wheel off the rear and broke the long-side tube off the Dana. I got a call from the guy who bought it to come to the yard the next day and help determine what was salvageable, and it wasn't much after it slid to a stop in that turnout. I'm pretty amazed no one got hurt. The Rav is up Windy Creek off the Denali Highway right before the trail turns right to contour around the valley, a few weeks before my buddy went up to do the bike hunt thing. I'm liking the Tundra a lot, but yeah, it's a lot of power to weight to get used to after owning 4 and 6 cylinders for years.

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I built it from scratch. I did all of the work on it with the exception of sewing the canvas.
Nice work, and at least you know it's been done properly ;) Any pics of the inside with top up, and do you use it for sleeping in or just for extra headroom?