Show us your Toyota 4runner, tacoma or truck.

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Yeah I like the LFD 3/4 or the Prinsu. LFD is cheaper, but heavier.
I miss my jeep but glad we went with the 4Runner last time around.

Another option to consider is the K9 rack, various lengths, all aluminum, T-slots so can bolt anything to it, plus lot accessories. The rack is one piece minus the feet and rail, which is a bonus as it doesn't allow it to shift or loosen up.

I run the full length rack, no drilling into the roof, and its held up to a 250 lbs roof top tent plus gear for thousands of off road miles, Moab, Ouray, plus OR, ID, WA, NV, CA. with out a whimper.

Distributor is out of Utah and usually has stock on hand.



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I searched around and didnt see a showcase thread for us toy guys but decided we could do something similar to the expo rigs in general chit chat but just our toyotas.

so post up, mods multiple pics and interior pics if you have some interesting cargo/sleeping platforms or whatever else you may have done.

could be a one thread inspiration for a lot of other guys who own the same trucks.

lets seem em!
This my unit 1990 toyota pickup 4wd Dlx #deutuadopalmundo