Show us your Toyota 4runner, tacoma or truck.


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Does that hoop interfere with Toyota's TSS radar?
Hell yes it does and it is super damn annoying. I was told they cannot calibrate it (to finish the recall) so half my dashboard is lit up yellow like my truck is going to die. I had the bumper before the recall. I was told I basically need to drop the bumper / cut off the prerunner bars to get the calibration finished and updated in the truck. I feel like I am getting the run around from my dealer here in Bellevue, WA so not sure what do with it. It's been like that since like May or so. The truck has mostly been sitting since it is mainly used for trips.


I sympathize because it is a great looking bumper but I don't see any way the dealer can make the radar NOT see that big object in front of it. The new bumper designs have to leave those hoops off or keep them real low to avoid interference.


Wow! That chrome tape really takes me back to the ‘85 Nissan 4x4 our family had when I was growing up. I haven’t seen that in ages, it looks awesome on yours. And your photos are always top notch 👌
Do you have a build thread for the 3rd gen?
Wow sorry I missed this! Haha the chrome makes me laugh. Sometime I ask myself why it's still on the truck but then I realize that it makes it different than everyone elses build, so therefore I like it more.... plus the 80s/90s cool factor is hard to beat. Thanks for noticing ;)

I need to bring my build thread for it over to Expo. But in the meantime:**-duster-2-0-00-4runner-sr5**.html
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Well being as there’s no thread for show us your weird JDM Toyota, figured I’d post up here, will also start a build thread in this category to track my progress and get feedback from the forum!

Here’s my 2000 Toyota Dyna 4x4, I imported it from Japan just over a year ago. Loving it so far.
3.0L diesel (5L engine) manual locking AISIN hubs, 4H / 4L, 5spd manual, 4-door, seats 6, 6.5’ box, 1.25t chassis, and the best part? Only 12,000kms on the clock ad not a spot of rust when I got it!

The day I picked it up:

A few pictures before any modification:

Tarp canopy removed and ski box added ready for its first road trip to Utah! (I live in the Banff, Canada area)

With 4runner wheels/bigger tires added which made a huge difference for the look and feel of the truck:

Starting to get a feel for adventure...

Metal framing stripped off the back and roof rack installed over cab:

And the camper shell being test-fitted:

Camper on and ready to try it out on a road trip:

Camper and truck are still very much a work in progress but so far very happy with the direction things are going. Hoping that posting on here will keep me inspired to keep chipping away at things!