Show us your Toyota 4runner, tacoma or truck.


Hi Guys

I'm a new member here, although I've been lurking for a few years now.

My FJ Trail Teams that I've fitted out primarily for camping, hunting and fishing. Up to this point (3 years) "Achilles" has gone where ever I pointed him. I really love this truck. :)

OME 3" lift on "Medium" coils
SPC Upper Control Arms
Frontrunner Roof Rack
Maggiolina Extreme RTT
Weathertech floor mats, etc, etc .......

Mechanically, all stock as I want my reliability. :)

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My 2010. Pretty much stock, probably never off-road, and hitting the auction block soon. I had in mind I wanted a mid-sized truck but just could never warm up to it for some reason. I don't drive it near enough to justify keeping it, and could really use the space for a project I want to get rolling. I know these are popular and people are loyal and it'll make somebody a good truck. Jus aint mah thang I guess.557BF42D-E630-4664-A8BC-0D14F3CDD1B5.jpeg


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Wow! That chrome tape really takes me back to the ‘85 Nissan 4x4 our family had when I was growing up. I haven’t seen that in ages, it looks awesome on yours. And your photos are always top notch 👌
Do you have a build thread for the 3rd gen?