Show us your Toyota 4runner, tacoma or truck.


This is the vid i put together from last years Marlin Crawler Round Up on the Rubicon. This video is a special one for people who have enjoyed the Rubicon Trail. Mr. Morris had passed away at this years Jeeper Jamborie in the Rubicon Springs. He is one of the property owners that had saved the trail from being closed and de-forested. He held information sessions at the events and was very passionate about the Rubicon Trail and the people enjoying it. He son was there this year to give the talk and it was nice to see solid turn out to hear him speak. This is a good example of doing it for the love and not the recognition which in today's "insta" world is something to keep remembering.

This years event went really well with a record attendance. It'll take a while to get the vid together this year. First time I didn't drive the trail this year. I departed from the Toyota and went to the dark side and the new vehicle wasn't ready yet. Still very passionate about the Toyota platform and still working closely with BigMike on suspension for IFS Toyota's.

More deets are here on the dark side:
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I’m finishing up with converting my 2001 tundra to a manual transmission. Pretty sure this is the only 4.7 liter v8 tundra with a manual transmission, but if anyone here knows of another one please let me know because I still have a few bugs to work out and I want to complete it like it came this way from Toyota. It’s a 2001 access cab 4x4 Tundra with a 2uzfe v8 and r150f 5 speed manual transmission and transfer case from a 1998 Tacoma.
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Oh man, that sounds fun! How does the 4.7 feel with the manual? How did you get around the auto transmission controls?
Oh man, that sounds fun! How does the 4.7 feel with the manual? How did you get around the auto transmission controls?
It’s sweet! I have to finish fabbing up the custom transmission mount so I’ve only done a 1st to 2nd and back to 1st shift to see how it felt but it’s like a completely different truck. It feels light and peppy. So far I just removed the column shifter but after I work the bugs out I’m going to make it look like the automatic was never even there.


What do you do with a minty fresh new-to-you Tundra? Take her to the beach. Loving this truck so far, so quiet and comfy compared to the tacoma. Sorry for the Jeep :rolleyes:


Hi guys, after a few trips out with the 1 ton, we decided it wasnt really the truck we needed for offroading. As much as I love the king ranch it is simply too nice and too big to go places we want to go. After careful consideration between the new Bison, Ranger, and Tacoma, we went with the Tacoma. Love this truck so far, voodoo blue in Pro trim. Have a host of items on the way to install, Victory Bed rack, rock rails, just installed better tires going with the ******** Cepek Extreme in 265/75's. Already have a few cube lights and switches, will be installing ARB air under the hood. Here she is far. We plan to move the rtt to the Tacoma. Now I just need to retrofit my little utility trailer to haul a couple of kayaks and we will be set.



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Specter is a build in progress. Here it is where it is currently.....
2019 Toyota 4Runner TRD Off Road Premium with KDSS, magnetic gray, blacked out Toyota logo package, Xenon Depot Xtreme LED Pro high/low/fogs, Phillips interior LED light kit, TRD front skid plate, ICON stage 2 lift, ICON 3” overland series rear coil springs, ICON adjustable track bar, ICON Six Speed wheels, Nitto Grapplers 285x70x17 tires, ARB front/rear differential breather, SSO slim line front bumper, SSO rock sliders, Warn 9.5xps winch, Factory55 Fairlead, Factory55 Flatlink E/rope guard, Factory55 Hitchlink 2.0, ARB 12v air compressor, Maxtrax MKII’s, ARB recovery equipment, Front Runner storage.


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