Show us your Toyota 4runner, tacoma or truck.


Picked up some 1st Gen tundra wheels, moved my roof rack over from my old truck, did the intermittent wiper mod and installed an LC engineering header since my last post.
My next project is to insulate the camper top and work on some sort of sleeping platform/ bedslide.KIMG0146.JPG


Took a ride down in Pisgah national Forest last weekend. There's a nice little trail down there that's one of the last few that haven't been gated off in the past decade. It's a fun quick ride on the dual sport but it's a bit slower going in a truck. The Tacoma struggled on the "bad" section. We have had record rainfall this year and it was a bit more rutted out than normal. The front just did not articulate at all and made the back do all the work so I had to get creative with my lines. My old f150 was pretty slinky and just walked through all this stuff, but the narrower Tacoma gave me a few more options on the tight trail. KIMG0148.JPG
Anyhow this persuaded me to ditch the sway bar, much better articulation and ride on rough gravel now. A little more body roll but honestly if someone removed the sway bar and didn't tell me I likely wouldn't know the difference. I think the stiffer springs from the 3rd Gen help keep it in control.

I'll have to get back down there soon and see how much better the truck does now.


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IMG_1330.JPGBeen a member for a long time, but never really posted much. I sold my 2005 Tacoma a while ago and just recently picked this up. 2015 SR5. Pretty much stock right now. I added a light bar, weathertechs and a few other interior modifications. Looking forward to many adventures.

Also did a completely unnecessary, but cool modification today. Amber lights in the grill:

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