Show us your Toyota 4runner, tacoma or truck.

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Picked up this tacoma on the cheap with a blown head gasket and a few other issues.
Pretty well sorted out now, runs and drives good enough for me to wanna keep it (originally purchased to repair and flip it).

Slapped a new gasket in the 2tr, installed the updated cooling tube as well. I believe the old plastic one is what caused the initial overheating issues.
Had a few other repairs needed as well. I replaced the broken back glass and rusted out muffler, and a broken leaf spring. I replaced the leaf and added an icon progressive add a leaf as well as take off bilsteins from a 2018 trd.
Tires I actually went down a size to stock 245's to help the gearing a bit. Picked up some c rated duratracs.
Finally picked up the gemtop, loving the side open doors.
She's got 243k miles but runs and drives great. Gonna keep this one basically stock and enjoy the driveability and mpg when compared to my old Ford.

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Tortillas to Totems (Every day an Adventure Book 4)
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