Show us your Toyota 4runner, tacoma or truck.


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So I had a 2017 Toyota Tacoma TRD Off-road....after a year of owning it I started to dislike it way more than like it. Between the awkward seating position (yes I knew that in advance, but it started hurting my back), the way the transmission/engine acted (lack of power and never seemed to be comfortable in the gear it was in), and simply a good deal came up. I only put 3,000 miles on it..I know that's nothing, but when you have a work vehicle you can drive anywhere in the county you live in on/off duty you take advantage of free gas.

So the deal that came up was a co-workers wife is a GM of a Toyota dealer and gave me an offer on a 4runner trail I couldn't pass on. They gave me well over what I expected on a trade and ultimately made $12 on the deal. So say hello to my new 4runner. Despite having better tires and a lift I am impressed with the way the 4runner handles, the power, and overall comfort of the interior (they put all leather seating in it as well as heated that is always a plus as well).



Molybdenite Ridge, British Columbia

Smoke from wild fires blanket Fraser Canyon and surrounding Lillooet area, but here at 8000 feet of elevation, clear blue sky.
Awesome. I've been dying to get out west (more) and do this trail. Great pics... so nice to get some fresh air out of the smoke!


Please dont post pictures "off-trail" this, is exactly what gets trails closed.
This is an established campsite with a track from main road, fire ring, etc. No, it’s not a state park or a forest service campground, but I thought that’s what expo is about. If the group wants the picture removed that’s fine. No big deal.


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Recent Jeep convert.
Picture is on the Whipsaw trail in BC a few weeks ago.
TRD Off Road with Manual transmission. Mostly stock, 265/75R16 BFG ko2 and TRD Pro front skid plate. Plan to add hidden winch mount for my m8000, and 2" OME lift soon. My friend is also making me a set of rock sliders.
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How did you like the trail? I’ve always wanted to check it out. I think next year,


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How did you like the trail? I’ve always wanted to check it out. I think next year,
Probably my favourite trail in BC, I would highly recommend it. Possible in a stock truck with good tires but i would suggest some armour (sliders/skid plates)

I like to run it from mid August to early Sept, less water/mud and no bugs!